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San Benito

NO. 179 CASTRO HOUSE - In the 1840s the Castro House was built to house General José Castro's administrative office and his secretary. In 1848 Castro sold the house to Patrick Breen, survivor of the ill-fated Donner party of 1846, and the Breen family lived here for many years.
Location: San Juan Bautista State Historic Park, 2nd and Washington Sts, San Juan Bautista

NO. 180 PLAZA HOTEL - In 1858 Angelo Zanetta added a second story to a one-story adobe barracks built in 1813-14 for soldiers who represented the Spanish government and operated it as a hotel for many years. Because San Juan Bautista was one of the main stage stops between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Plaza Hotel became famous throughout California.
Location: San Juan Bautista State Historic Park, 2nd and Mariposa Sts, San Juan Bautista

NO. 181 FREMONT PEAK - On March 6, 1846, Captain John C. Frémont built a fort here on Gabilan (Gavilan) Peak (Fremont Peak). He unfurled his colors and for four days awaited the attack of a force of Californians. The battle did not materialize by the night of March 9, and Frémont broke camp and departed for Oregon.
Location: Fremont Peak State Park, 11 mi S of Hwy 156 via San Juan Canyon Rd (Co Rd G1), plaque located in Abbey Park, SE corner of Fourth and Muckelem Sts, San Juan Bautista

NO. 195 MISSION SAN JUAN BAUTISTA AND PLAZA - Founded June 24,1790, Mission San Juan Bautista, partly destroyed by the earthquakes of 1800 and 1906, was repeatedly restored. The two bells it now uses were salvaged from its original chime. The plaza on its south, surrounded by old adobes, has witnessed many historic scenes, including General Frémont's activities in 1846.
Location: 2nd and Mariposa Sts, San Juan Bautista

NO. 324 NEW IDRIA MINE - Named for Idria Mine in Austria, the New Idria ranks among the most famous quicksilver mines of the world. Mission fathers, before American occupation, made assays and determined the ore to be cinnabar, mining began in the 1850s, and in 1881 between two and three hundred men were employed.
Location: Plaque located NW corner of State Hwy 25 and Panoche Rd (J1), site located on San Carlos Peak, from Paicines, 30 mi E on Panoche Rd (J1) to New Idria Rd, then 21 mi S to mine