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White Papers

Ideas on White Papers

The following document was generated as a list of ideas regarding the White Papers, generated at the Society of California Archaeologists' annual meeting on March 28, 2011.

Ideas on White Papers

White Papers

The White Papers were adopted by the SHRC on July 30, 2010.

Introduction to Papers (2 pg PDF)
Conservation (3 pg PDF)
Curation (2 pg PDF)
Interpretation (3 pg PDF)
Protection (3 pg PDF)
Standards & Guidelines (3 pg PDF)

For more information or to register comments regarding the papers, please email SHRC_ARC@YAHOO.COM.

White Paper Comments

The White Papers Comment Table (linked below) is a table presenting the comments the ARC received from the public on the first draft of the White Papers.  Each comment is identified by number and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate comment grouping linked below. 

White Papers Comment Table
Comment Group 1-10
Coment Group 11-20
Comment Group 21-30
Comment Group 31-40
Comment Group 41-47

Additional White Papers Comments

Standards & Guidelines Responses to Comments
Conservation Responses to Comments
Curation Responses to Comments
Interpretation Responses to Comments
Protection Responses to Comments